Finding my blogging voice

pexels-photo-669505.jpegI’m an absolute newbie when it comes to blogging.  I’ve just started a course that is teaching me to blog.  I need to find my voice and part of the process was to read a piece of my writing and then use 3 words to describe it.  I realised that most of my writing was in response to things that had happened, that isn’t what I want to base my blogging voice on.  So I wrote something and then reviewed it 🙂  I chose these 3 words to describe it: optimistic, fresh, loving.

And here’s the piece.

Such excitement at grey skies, unusual but not the first time.  Sitting in hot water, outside, with my BFFy while the rain drops on our beaming faces.  That was the imagined. The reality? The sun came out and shone on our beaming faces. We cherished the blue skies, grateful for our time together.  Any time together with my BFFy is cherished. There is never enough BFFy time, it doesn’t matter what we’re doing. I’m so incredibly lucky to have met my BFFy. And I’m incredibly proud to be able to lovingly and honestly say that she feels the same way. Having a friend (and I’m incredibly lucky to have more than one) I can say “I love you” to is such an amazing, incredible, wonderful part of my life. Grateful is an understatement. Joyful comes close. Words will never truly capture the true feeling that this kind of friendship brings. But I’ll enjoy giving it my best shot. To “fail”at reaching such ecstatic heights in my writing will mean that I’m writing joyful, happy, blissful, rippling pieces. I’m super happy with that. Onwards and upwards, heading for the dizzying ecstasy of sharing happiness with the world.  Knowing that my ripple will reach out to my friends and cause ripples for them. Their ripples will cause ripples for their friends. I want the world to be full of overlapping ripples. I want to feel the ripples from others as much as I want them to feel my ripples. I want them to know that they are changing the world too!