7 colourful ways to spread ripples of happiness

I love rainbows, I’ll organise my Skittles in rainbow order, my future books are going to make a rainbow when you line them up and ROYGBIV is my favourite mnemonic. So what better way to list 7 reasons to spread happiness then with the colours of the rainbow and what they can represent 🙂

Red is a colour of love, whether it be love for yourself, your pet, fresh air, your partner, your kids, your neighbour, your family, your friends, the blue sky, dancing, painting, drawing, jigsaw puzzles; I could go on and on and on and on. Enjoying loves is an awesome way to spread ripples of happiness. And it can all be internal, no need to tell your local shopkeeper you love them to spread the love. When your mind is focussed on love you’ll spread love in everything you do.

Orange is a colour of joy. Ahh, how refreshing is that, I love the word joy. I never used to like the colour orange (except in a rainbow of course) until my BFFy and I got super close and I found out it’s one of her favourite colours. So now I associate orange with the joy my BFFy brings into my life. How to spread joy? Oh, so many ways. Smile at a stranger. Say thank you to anyone who does anything. Take an extra second to look properly at the gorgeous flower/cute puppy/awesome painting/cool cloud you saw. Filling your own internal joy bucket will always result in ripples of joy spreading in your world.

Yellow is a colour of happiness. Sunflowers, sunshine, Labradors, butter, daffodils, autumn leaves, Spongebob Squarepants, baby chicks, minions, rubber ducks. Please tell me you’re smiling after reading that list! Bright colours improve our mood. I’m not a fan of wearing yellow BUT when I do wear it I always get compliments. Look for yellow things all around, look for happiness, focus on yellow things, focus on happiness.

Green is the colour of Kermit the Frog. Do I need to say more?

Kidding, green is a colour of renewal, regrowth and energy. Spend time in or looking at nature whenever you can. Stuck inside a lot? Get a pot plant or a gorgeous photo of a rainforest/willow tree/pine forest, whichever greenness lights you up. Seriously though, if you’re like me, just share some Kermit memes and you’re smashing out some serious happiness ripples.

Blue is a colour of freedom. Oh yeah!! Freedom rules! Next time you’re outside really look at the sky. Which kind of blue is it in that moment? Which kind of freedom does it represent for you in that moment? What are you going to release from your life to allow more happiness in? More happiness in your life equals more happiness in the world, more ripples spreading, so much yay for that!

Indigo is a colour of intuition. Do what feels good. If closing your eyes in the warmth of the sun for 5 seconds feels good, do it. If you feel like you should go outside for 2 minutes even though the dishwasher needs emptying, do it. If you feel like reading a book even though the pile of washing to be sorted is so big it could have a child hiding in it, do it. Feel good as often as you can, the world will thank you.

Violet is a colour of creativity. Create something. A paper plane, a scrapbook, choc chip cookies, a story, a gorgeous photo, a brightened space in your home, jewellery, a bath mat. Then share it with someone. Feel proud of your creation cos it’s awesome.

I’d love to hear about your rainbow ripples of happiness (and when I’ve finished learning about the technological side of my blog there’ll be a way for you to share them, lol)